What to check when looking for Air Charter Services in India?


admin | Nov 14, 2019

What to check when looking for Air Charter Services in India?

For a client, choosing an air charter service company can be a time consuming and confusing task and is often delegated to a secretary or an assistant. There are several reasons. Air charter brokers have become adept at marketing themselves to prospective clients and propose advantages and solutions which can be varied in nature. Secondly, unlike selecting an airline, there are several factors that need to be considered when choosing the right air charter service company many of which will be discussed in this article.

Further, as cost is a major driving factor the assistants often choose a service provider based on price. This can be detrimental to the end customer as they may receive below par services. As a result of this bad experience, potential long term clients may avoid chartering in future.

Hence we have put together a few points which should be considered by any prospective client when selecting an air charter services company or a air charter services broker. Here they are:

A Proven Track Record – A successful proven track record of delivering professional services is a must to ensure the reliability and the sincerity in executing commitments. It’s easier to make the commitments of providing excellent services, but when on the board, cutting corners is the trend which is enough to spoil the day.

The Broker should be reliable and must be able to maintain customer privacy and avoid any public scrutiny or otherwise. The safety and privacy should be of the highest priority and maintained in all times without compromise. The travel data and other personal details must be kept under strict confidentiality, considering privacy and business implications at stake.

It is better to assure that safety and professionalism are ingrained in the company’s DNA, and they walk their talk with a proper checklist and certified operating systems in place.

Available Adequate Infrastructure – The broker or the service provider should have enough infrastructure to cater to all needs for maintaining safe service and convenience at all times while meeting all Government safety protocols; rather, they should exceed industry standards. The aircraft should be readily available within hours to meet last moment changes either because of some natural calamity or client’s additional requirement arising to accommodate more people or to have more spacious jets. The cleanliness and maintenance of the aircraft should be in line with the best industry standards.

● The aircraft should be efficient and in line with the latest technology, to let them communicate accurately with the ground equipment of cutting-edge surveillance technology. The aircraft should not be old, neglected, or just managed by adopting alternative practices to make them run. A third-party approval certificate of aircraft fitness is a must to counter check the company’s claim.

● Adequately trained staff and crew should be available at all times to provide the right kind of service when the scheduled team is unavailable because of the best reasons known to them, maybe sickness or some other unavoidable emergency.

● The Broker should hire other aviation experts, or at least should have such services readily available to cater to the specific needs of the client in they arise during the travel.

● There should be good tie-ups with the caterers to provide with different types of class catering during travelling, better to have their chefs and other reliable services.

Brokers Experience – The broker experience matters a lot and should fit your travel needs and lifestyle. Brokers are claiming enriched expertise, but it is essential to assure that they operate in the right class to provide the right kind of service and hospitality the client deserves. It is precisely where the price differences emerge in, in spite of other similar intangible things.

● The Broker may provide similar space-craft at a lower price, but ‘sit’s the service and hospitality that matters the most from placing an inquiry to landing safely and departing conveniently.

● The Broker should have access and association with the best private jet fleet companies worldwide for economical as well as luxurious aircraft, besides established relations with them. Also, they should be capable of making the impossible possible in minimal time and can redirect landing or ground transportation whenever in demand, as the uncertainties can’t be denied once on the board.

● The Broker should be hardcore professional with ethical business practices, standards, and principles besides being worth to be hired to provide the type of experience the client deserves and is willing to pay.

Dedicated Accounts Manager – A dedicated accounts manager is a must to provide with one-point service round the clock to answer all queries promptly without seeking information from someone else or without forwarding to some other official to gather information. The dedicated accounts manager shall provide three-four options as per the requirements and plan to select from in line with the budget, preference, and lifestyle.

● There should be at least two-three different aircraft options with commercial, usual, and luxurious aircraft budgets to accommodate all the needs and requirements within budget.

● The services available at extra charge should be made available.

● There should be complete flexibility and acceptance in redesigning the plan and submitting the quotations without any fuss or hidden overheads.

● Properly compiled document along with the offer and other available options in hand with additional charges highlighting the main differences of the services which stand them apart from the competition should be submitted. It would instead help in comparing the costs vis-a-vis the values and the principles adhered to with other competitors.

Positive Referrals – The right way to check referrals is to contact the nearby airport for the 3rd party operators providing their services. A shortlisted broker by the operators can be easily trusted for providing excellent services and adopting a customer-friendly approach. You could also check with the front desk person who keeps with them a 3rd-party service providers list who are shortlisted for aviation and ground transportation services. Had been the service provider being not competent, it would have been delisted from the list by the airport. Otherwise, the service providers’ client list could provide a glimpse of the kind of clients they have served earlier besides from having a look at their testimonials.

Conclusion –

It is worth going through the Private Jet Aircraft service provider, Broker, or company’s credentials to check the kind of service they provide besides having a careful go through on the type of clients they have catered and with what kind of services. It’s not the price that matters; the value vis-a-vis cost is what overrides the charges.

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