Types of Private Jet Charter (with Amenities) – Which one is perfect for you?


admin | Oct 16, 2018

Types of Private Jet Charter (with Amenities) – Which one is perfect for you?

Can’t decide which Private Jet Charter to choose? Struggling with information overload about Private Jet Charter Services? We (Arrow Aircraft Sales and Charters Pvt. Ltd.) have the ideal solution for all your problems. From Very Light Jets to a whole list of different types of Air Charter Services to decide from. All your queries will be resolved, whether you are looking for a weekend getaway, a business trip or a vacation, we have for you different options to hire Private Jet of your choice. So fasten your seatbelts because this pilot is going to take you through a great journey of information.

Very Light Jets

A new addition to the Air Charter Services, Very Light Jets (VJLs) are an alternative to the Piston and Turbopop aircraft for extremely short journeys of up to approximately 5 hours, on a budget. It comes under the category of small business jets typically known as the microjet with a general capacity of 4-8 people.

Reasons for selection:

•  Low-cost Private Jet Charter Services as compared to its counterparts

•  Use shorter runways

•  Popular for business and personal use

•  Also called the air taxi

Light Jets

The light jet is quickly becoming among the most desired form of Private Jet Charter for companies, businesses and their customers. Often referred to as Baby jets this Air Charter Service is designed for shorter and regional flights. This private jet charter service has limited movement.

Reasons for selection:

Hire private jet of this type as:

•  Can carry up to 8 passengers

•  Most cost effective than other types

•  In spite of being cost effective, they still provide a good range.

Mid- Size Jets

An Air Charter Service with a good amount of space to move around the cabin unlike light jets and a fully enclosed lavatory. This Private Jet Charter is great for 4-5 hours journey and has a capacity of 7-8 people.

Reasons for selection:

•  A more efficient version as compared to the one you hire private jet that is larger and heavier.

•  Low cost

•  Lots of Luggage compartments

•  Enclosed Lavatory

Heavy Jets

This is the perfect Private Jet Charter Service for travelling to other continents; it has a capacity of 18passangers and a range of more than 6 hours. This Private Jet Charter has a high ceiling that allows passengers to move freely and get a comfortable movement around the cabin. With heavy jets come more features as it can incorporate more things. A fully enclosed lavatory plus the facility of a flight attendant to cater all in-flight requests can be added. This is the best form of Private Jet Charter for air travel.

Reasons for selection:

•  A Luxury jet

•  Has stand-up cabins

•  Lots of passenger and baggage space

•  Lie- Flat beds

•  Enclosed Bathrooms

•  A flight attendant

•  This the ultimate option to hire private jet! (Available at Arrow Aircraft Sales and Charters Pvt. Ltd. for hire)

Ultra- Long Range Heavy Jets

If you want to hire private jet, the Ultra- Long Range Heavy Jets have to be your choice as they dominate the private charter jet market. These Private Jet Charter Services offer an exceptional speed and powerful capabilities that help you connect to any two cities in the world with great ease and comfort.

Reasons for selection:

•  On air meeting space with private suites

•  Entertainment systems

•  State of the art connectivity that allows you the luxury to go anywhere, anytime.

•  Well appointed galleys

Executive Airliners

Executive Airliners are a class apart and cater to the most elite clients on inter- continental routes. With this Air Charter Service luxury and facilities meet together and both are available easily.

Reasons for selection:

•  Onboard conference centres

•  Lounge areas

•  Private bedrooms

•  Stand-up showers

•  Galleys with high specifications

•  Separate corridors and rooms for great privacy of work and leisure

With lots of features all these types are available for you to hire private jets from Arrow Aircraft Sales and Charters Pvt. Ltd.