Col. Sandeep Sital

admin | Jul 06, 2021

Col. Sandeep Sital

Lt Col Sandeep Sital (retd) is a veteran and AVP Operations and Special Projects with Arrow Aircraft. Having joined us in Feb 21, he brings with him almost 30 yrs of experience with over 10 yrs in commercial operations. He himself is a pilot from Army Aviation with around 2,800 hrs of varied flying experience.

Before joining us, Sandeep worked as General Manager (Operations) with Global Vectra Helicorp Ltd and was directly involved in conduct of various specialized projects such as Aerial Surveys using VTEM and SKYTEM loops and LIDAR and external load operations for Powerline construction and Maintenance.

He is a certified internal auditor from IATA and qualified on SMS from Airbus.

He can be reached at