Private jet FBOs – what are they?


admin | Aug 10, 2019

Private jet FBOs – what are they?

Customers traveling via private aircraft are concerned about their aircraft amenities, speed, range and various other factors related to their trip. One important aspect that customers don’t consider much but which plays an essential part in their trip is the selection of the FBO (Fixed Based Operator) at the time of departing and arrival airports.  Following are few essentials about an FBO that customers should know about.

What is a FBO?

FBO is a facility that provides a wide range of aviation services such as fueling, parking, guest services for pilots and customers etc. FBOs are licensed to operate on airport grounds for providing certain services to the private aviation customers.  A FBO is designed for efficiency and provides streamlined as well as hassle-free security screening while operating with private jet charters. Moreover, it provides the passengers with plane boarding services and delivery of their baggage to and from the aircraft to the ground transportation vehicle.

Although it is not compulsory for all FBOs that they facilitate all these services, most of the FBOs generally offer restroom facilities, weather information areas, showers, ground transportation arrangement, aviation suppliers or concierge services for passengers, flight crews & pilots. Whereas, at some airports, FBOs provide in-flight catering services as well to aircraft that means most people refer it as a full-service convenience station for aircraft.

What can one expect from FBO?

FBOs are also called private terminals and they provide amenities depending on the traffic pattern and customer choices at a particular airport.  Large FBOs are located separately from the main airport terminals or could be located through a separate entrance in the main airport terminal.  Given the nature of travel, FBOs employ guest services such as guest welcome, checking in, lounge services, food and beverage services, security screening, baggage screening and transportation and passenger transport via a luxury vehicle to the aircraft.

Many FBOs also provide temporary accommodation for flight and cabin crews, shower facilities and entertainment services when the crew has to layover for a few hours at the airport. Hence when a passenger arrives at an FBO, her trip can be processed and she can head to the aircraft in a few minutes.  If the passenger desires so, then she can facilitate some facilities like WiFi access, conference rooms, refreshments, cafeteria and bathrooms at disposal.

How a Private Jet Company Chooses a FBO?

Today, there are many FBO companies who are serving at airports. The chances of choosing from a handful of FBO services for the private jet owners increase with the increasing size of the Airport. The choice of the FBO company depends on the needs of the flight and the requirements of the passengers. Please have a look on the following factors which private jet owner consider the most before finalizing a FBO Service:

● Amenities provided by FBO

A professional private jet provider keeps both the safety and the client’s best interest in mind while making a flight planning decisions. The aviation company chooses a FBO location that is most convenient for the owner as well as for the charter guest. Additionally it considers a variety of additional factors such as quality of guest services, pricing, availability of adequate amenities, ability of the FBOs to provide client secrecy etc. Many aviation companies also choose an FBO based on fuel pricing offered by FBOs.

● The Exceptional Customer Services of FBO

There is no doubt that the landing charges or the ramp fees or the fuel prices as well as various other expenditures influences the choices of Aviation companies when it comes to decide upon an FBO, but the fact is that not all private jet operations are solely influenced by cost. For many private jet owners the equally important thing is that how well the staff is trained or what exceptional level of customer service the FBO exhibits.