In-flight Wi-fi connectivity on private jets – how important it is to stay connected?


admin | Nov 10, 2018

In-flight Wi-fi connectivity on private jets – how important it is to stay connected?

Air Travel since the beginning of time has been a place achieving mindfulness. At 35,000 feet, you are away from all the hustle and bustle of your regular stressful lives. Cut from technology, mails, phone calls and access to any other worldly communication. But can you imagine the kind of impact this loss of connectivity when you hire private jet has on our business or the kind of situation it creates during an emergency?

To keep all your worries at bay, Arrow Aircraft have got you covered!

Arrow Aircraft is a leading boutique aviation company that aspires to provide world-class aviation private jet charter services that have always been a delightful experience for our customers, such as our In- flight Wi-fi facility.

Now you do not need to keep replying to people, “Sorry, for the late reply, was in a flight”. With technological advances literally taking over the world, in-flight wi- fi couldn’t have stayed away for far. Since the private jet charter services have been providing the in-flight wi-fi for about a decade now; it has become quite cheap and fast.

When you hire private aircraft, staying online is no more a luxurious accessory, it has become a necessity, the following statistics will shock you how important it has become for the plane passengers to have an in-flight wi-fi when they Book a Charter Private Jet even 35,000 feet above the ground:

● An annual survey, Inflight Connectivity Survey conducted by Inmarsat (A leading Global Satellite Network) on a sample of 9,000 airline passengers from 18 countries found that about 60% of the global passengers see in-flight connectivity as a necessity.

● 30% people who hire a private jet and have experienced in-flight wi-fi, rank connectivity amongst the top 3 requirements (the other two being price and flight schedule).  

● 60% of the passengers who use private jet charter services consider in-flight connectivity as more important than in-flight entertainment.

● 74% passengers in the United Kingdom (U.K.) have been known to pay for the in-flight wi-fi, even on short flights. While medium length flights go up to 80%, long flights beat them both with 82%.

It is not a far-sighted thing that airlines would have to rethink their in-flight offerings, as the more than half the broadband hungry travellers prefer connectivity over onboard meals.

● According to another finding of Inmarsat and GfK, the In-Flight Connectivity Survey, 54% of passengers say broadband connectivity is more important than food, which s only a top priority for 19% of the passengers.

● The recorded percentage of passengers wanting to connect their smartphones, laptops or tablets to the internet during their journey are:

In-flight entertainment (16%)

Duty-free shopping (7%)

● From a survey of 9,000 passengers in 27 countries, 92% of them said that they would access onboard connectivity when they Book a Charter Private Jet from aviation services such as Arrow Aircraft.

● 83% of the passengers have admitted to select an airline when they hire private aircraft on the basis of they can remain logged into social networking sites, apps, emails, video streaming sites throughout their journey.

● An approximate 78% of the passengers who hire private jet view onboard connectivity to replace in-flight entertainment systems within next five to ten years.

But a constant question that comes to people’s mind when they hire a private jet or when they hire private aircraft is how does the in-flight wifi work?

Let us help you get a clear picture of the functioning of in-flight wi-fi when you book a charter private jet.

To regain your connectivity, private jet charter services provider follow two basic methods:

Ground-Based Broadband Towers

The first type of in-flight wi-fi, when you book a charter private jet, they make use of the ground- based mobile broadband towers that send signals towards the antennas of the aircraft (which is mostly found near the fuselage).

As your aircraft travels through different geographical sections in the air, the aircraft’s antenna automatically connects to the signals of the nearest tower. Therefore (at least) theoretically, this process is interruption free. But the drawback comes into picture when you are passing over remote terrains or large water bodies, connectivity can again be a challenge.

Satellite Technology

The second method makes use of satellite technology. For the successful implementation of this method the planes connect to satellites available in the geostationary orbit (35, 786 km above planet Earth). This satellite sends and receives signals to the Earth trough receivers and transmitters. These satellites are the ones that are also used for television signals, covert military operations and weather forecasting.

The satellites collect the information that is transmitted to and from your smartphone through the antenna which is placed on top of the airplane (which quickly connects to the closest satellite signal as the plane moves. As the satellite forms a loop of information being passed between the ground and the plane, the Wi-fi signals get distributed to all the plane passengers through an on board router.

To Book a Charter Private Jet from the best private jet charter services provider such as Arrow Aircraft with the latest in-flight wifi, you can select the following private jets:

Gulf Stream

(The world’s most technologically advanced aircraft, the company has been serving its customers since 1958. They have produced more than 1900 aircrafts and currently produce six aircraft models)


(HondaJet is famous for designing and manufacturing the business aircraft HA-420, which is the leader in very light jet aircraft category)

Bombardier Challenger 604

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