How private aviation companies create delightful customer flying experiences


admin | Jan 16, 2019

How private aviation companies create delightful customer flying experiences

In the words of Michael Lebouef, “A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all”. Customer service is of high importance in the aviation sector, especially in private aviation industry.The significance of customers and the importance of providing them with a delightful flying experiences becomes a prime focus in the highly customer centric private aviation companies.This implies that the best Private Jet Company in Delhi has to understand the needs and requirements of the people for providing them with a unique and enriching experience. Great customer experiences can be implemented during pre, in and post flight phases. A very famous example of an aviation company focusing on experience as per R.Kollau (2012) is the Emirates who use the ‘Knowledge- driven In- flight Service (KIS)’ that allows the crew of the airline to evaluate the previous trips taken by the customers with the airlines. Such a strategy helps them understand the customer’s preferences and some of the issues that the customer might have experienced in prior journeys. If there is any information that shared with the crew members prior to the flight a massive boost in providing a more personalised and fruitful experience can take place.

The Aviation Industry- A Unique Approach

Although aviation forms part of transportation sector it is essentially driven by service standards. According to ‘A Case Study on Classic Airlines: Practical Marketing Solutions’ that was published in The Journal of Business Studies Quarterly- the service industry has four unique elements of services that prove as essential guidelines for companies. The airline industry is no exception and must take these elements into consideration for delivering out of the edge services to beat the competition. The four elements are:

● Intangibility (It includes the services that can be touched or seen before the customer Hire Private Jets in Delhi such as the website of the company)

● Inconsistency (There is a constant change in the airline industry pertaining to meet the demands of the customer and the economic concerns)

● Inseparability ( It is important to note that the services provided and the brand provider of those services are inseparable)

● Inventory (It is essential for the companies to manage the goods and products associated with the services that will be provided to the customer)

In a study conducted by Milay Tokshi found that for helping the customers in assessing and comparing service providers, the companies should try market their best tangible services.

This implies that marketing the services which show the direct benefits that can be attained after using the service- these are the benefits that are based on a psychological understanding of what the aviation customer really needs.

With the help of various marketing strategies the aviation companies build up their brand’s image in the mind of the aviation customers. For developing loyalty amongst customers and to attract the ones that were disgruntled due to competition, the Company private aircraft companies in Delhi should focus on providing special promotional services that uplift the customer’s sense of belongingness.

What are the Basic Services the Customers Need for a Better Flying experience?

Michael D. Clemes and others highlight the important services of travel that they analysed in ‘An Empirical Analysis of Customer Satisfaction in International Air Travel’, that was published in the Innovative Marketing. This study lists qualities that consumers consider while rating airlines and can be applied during pre, in and post flight experiences. They are as follows:

● Punctuality: Private aviation customers value time savings and hence pay premium for private travel. Hence departing on time,everytime, is of utmost importance in creating a long lasting positive impression. This increases customer loyalty to the
aviation company.

● Management Commitment to Customer Satisfaction: The management should maintain a scoreboard to evaluate customer satisfaction parameters on regular basis.

● Convenience of the customers: The booking and check in process, the pre-flight phase should be a seamless experience for the customers.

● Helpful and Knowledgeable Crew: The attitude of the flight and the cabin crew goes a long way to create a delightful customer experience for the clients and instils loyalty in them.

● Comfort: This is the inflight phase and several activities can be done to increase passenger experience. Providing customized meals, inflight entertainment, branded amenities elevate the customer experience.

● Safety and Security: This is of prime importance for celebrities, sports stars and politicians and few high profile individuals. A private aviation company should take several measures to maintain the safety and security of its passengers.

Apart from loyalty, the private jet companies also work on other aspects that lead to a better sense of belongingness amongst the customers, such as being there for the customers before, during and after the flying experience.

Being there for your Customers

While it is difficult to cater to all the needs of the customers at such a high altitude, the marketers and mangers of customer experience understand that pushing too hard to provide all services can be overwhelming for the company and the customers, resulting in negative
outcomes. Although, it also cannot be argued that using small opportunities to sell or deliver better services can be the key for enhancing customer experience.

Here are some of the ways the private airlines company can make the customers experience flying like a VIP.

Be with the Customer Before the Flight

The flight journey begins even before the flying customers enter the airport; make sure to keep in touch with them through e-mails and messages. Communicate with them if there is a change in rules, gates or flight timings before- hand. Give them check in reminders, make
their check- in process less cumbersome. Especially, if the customer is flying through a private jet- make their check- in hassle free and reduce the waiting time for loading their baggage. Keep the customers informed about web check-ins, as many miss their desired seats
simply because they forgot about online check-ins. Share information about boarding passes on the email or through messages. The purpose is to make the process of getting into the flight an easy and less time consuming process for the customer.

Be with the Customer Between the Flights – The Layover

During the layover the flyers usually find themselves lost and this opportunity of serving the customers to improve their experience should not be missed. Help the customer to find their way to the next flight or for longer layovers- the sponsored partners can be promoted for various services like where one can eat or stay. The airlines can double up the excitement of the customers by dropping the insights about places they can visit while waiting for the next flight with various offers from nearby locations.

Be with the Customer After the Flight

It is not all over after the flight lands, be with your customers even after landing. Let the customers know where they can get their bags. After they have picked up their bags have a list of options they can use for transportation. Offer them a chance to explore great deals with
you and help them enjoy their destination city more than what they had imagined. Have special packages for loyal customers with things like cash-backs and discounts. Collect the customer’s feedback asking for their valuable thoughts. Request them to give you ratings on
the basis of different services provided (by gathering more information and staying connected with the passengers after the flight you can serve them better in future).

All the fun does not stop here; the airlines can take a step further and help the customers plan the next visit:

Planning the Next Trip

While planning a trip, many travellers are open to the ideas given by airlines. It was found by a study that more than 50% of the people travelling do not have a set destination in mind while planning a trip. To woo customers who are indecisive, send notification about deals
when the tickets to cities a passenger has visited before go on a sale with great packages and high quality images of the destination.

The customer’s experience is supreme for leading Private Aircraft Company in Delhi like Arrow Aircraft (A Boutique Aviation Service Provider that focuses on delivering world class aviation products and services which provides a delightful experience for their most
discerning customers). The more techniques and strategies the airlines create for understanding the needs of the travellers or the more effort they put in to build a deeper and better customer relationship, the sooner their business will grow the brand loyalty, goodwill
and value.