Benefits of Air Ambulance in India


admin | Sep 13, 2018

Benefits of Air Ambulance in India

Time is of the great essence during any medical emergency. There are countless cases where patients requiring emergency medical care were either stuck in a traffic or were not able to reach hospitals due to connectivity issues. The term “golden hour” is often stated, “the first hour after injury will largely determine a critically injured person’s chances for survival” Access to right care during the golden hour significantly increases the survival chances or better recovery of the patients.

Unfortunately, the crowded streets in our cities are congested that getting help at the time of a medical emergency has its own risks. Air Ambulances are a solution to resolve connectivity issues. The concept of Air Ambulance is gaining immense popularity in India, although the first air evacuation happened in 1870. But it was not until 1933 when the first British Civilian Air Ambulance Services was started.

Air Ambulance Service is a term that combines air transportation such as an airplane or helicopter with basic medical emergency services used to transport sick or injured patients to and from healthcare and medical facilities like the hospital. Air Ambulance India Medical Emergency vehicle may not be equipped to function like a regular ambulance but is perfect for airlifting patients during emergencies and to reach remote areas. An Air Ambulance in India is a helicopter or airplane equipped with flight stretcher, medical equipment and a fully trained medical team consisting of a doctor and a set of attendants.

Air Ambulance Services in India, is an important wing of medical transportation service as it plays a very important role during medical emergencies in remote areas and to shift patients to a better health facility center. However, to make the Air Ambulance Services function properly it needs support from the ground ambulance, paramedics and transport patients from the hospital to the airport or helipad. Arrow Aircraft is an aviation company that aims to provide the best air ambulance services in India during a medical emergency by airplane.

The benefits of Air Ambulance in India: The Air Ambulance is a crucial service that is extremely essential during a medical emergency; the following points will familiarize you with the benefits of Air Ambulance Services:

· Urgent healthcare

The first thing that pops up in the mind when the name of Air Ambulance comes is the urgent provision of healthcare. The Air Ambulance is used for shifting patients urgently to healthcare facilities. Shifting patients during medical emergencies by airplane or helicopter has helped so many patients receive medical services in time.

· Services for people living in remote areas

Hospitals are located farther from remote areas and road access may be difficult. In such cases, Air Ambulances help patients living in remote areas get medical attention quickly. Hilly areas are also prone to landslides or leading to many casualties. The air ambulance can be an efficient vehicle to quickly get the casualties to the hospital or to get the paramedics/ doctors to the disaster site.

· Services for critical patients

Air Ambulances in India for Medical Emergency is a service provided to help critical patients to take transfers easily into a better medical facility. We have seen in various instances when many high profile patients were airlifted via an air ambulance and now this facility is becoming common amongst many users. Arrow Aircraft understands the urgency during this crucial time and thus provides the best facilities in their air ambulance.

· Transporting patients from one medical facility to another

Sometimes certain hospitals do not have certain facilities and thus need to shift their patients to another one which can be quickly coordinated with an air ambulance service.

· More lives saved

With quick and easy transfer of patients, more lives can be saved by covering long distances in a short duration.

· Transporting patients from one state to another

Just like shifting patients from one hospital to another, the patients can be easily transported from one state to another.

· Transportation of Medical Equipment

In some situations air ambulances are not only used for transferring patients, this service is also used for transferring medical equipment from location to another.

Arrow Aircraft strives to provide world-class aviation services with utmost customer satisfaction. Their mission is to provide patients with aviation services of airplane and helicopter for the air ambulance with facilities and great efficiency.