Air Charter Services for Film Shooting


admin | Mar 11, 2019

Air Charter Services for Film Shooting

Aerial film shooting is not a new trend, as some may feel; it has been in the industry for a long time. In fact, a short video of a fly over was recorded in 1919 during WWI battle field. Although the concept isn’t that novel but technological advancements have taken aerial film shooting to the next level. The use of air charters has become a common place for shooting that are all equipped to add video equipment. But the aerial film shooting is not only restricted to wars, it is now used for film making as well.

An aerial shot basically is a scene or photo taken from a higher altitude than what is being filmed. This enhances the understanding of what is going on in the scene with a 360 degree view rather than just the angle at which the camera is shooting normally.

Aerial filming is extremely complex and expensive procedure but clubbing it with the right kind of air charter services it can also deliver extravagant results, which add exceptional value to the filming project. The choice of crew, pilots and helicopter helps to ensure safety and procure great outcomes.

There are two categories of helicopters that can be found for the purpose of film making:

1.)  Picture Ship- Those Helicopters or Air Charters that are being filmed. This category ensures top quality, innovative and unique creative airplane sets for filming. Different aircraft sets can be hired based on different requirements with excellent service standards.

2.) Camera Ship- Those Helicopters or Air Charters doing the film. This category involves the use of advanced cameras by highly trained professionals. All this is achieved with the help of a qualified team of pilots, photographers, directors and many more who assist in getting the best possible shot from such a high altitude.

Numerous high profile clients and celebrities prefer to Hire Helicopter for film shooting and Private Aircraft services in Delhi for their different filming requirements, with these services personal and discrete services are guaranteed.

When hiring such a service for filming, it is also important to understand safety concerns that need to be addressed during the filming process.

Aerial filming can be done from helicopters, fixed wing airplanes, private aircrafts or air charters both nationally and internationally. Planning is the most important step in obtaining the ideal aerial film shooting outcome with the help of an experienced professional who has adequate filming experience and ensures all the aspects of the flight are in accordance with safety and legality.

Apart from just planning for a great film shooting in the air, it is also necessary to anticipate what can go wrong, such as:

The Helicopter could meet with an accident due to a variety of causes like bad weather, electrical or mechanical failure, etc. The helicopters could experience loss of tail rotor effectiveness which means losing control due to flying in a compromising manner because of filming requirements. The persons or equipment could fall from, or get struck by another aircraft. There could be exposure high noise levels reducing the quality of filming.

There is nothing to worry about what can go wrong, because if certain control measures are ensured, these problems can be avoided.

Control Measures


Before the air charter service for film shooting is hired, ensure to discuss and agree in advance on the locations where the filming will be done. This will help to obtain relevant permissions, post which a suitable take- off and landing time for the locations can be selected. After all the planning has been finalized the aviation service provider can ensure the refueling requirements have been catered before the take off and also can establish safe flying hours. Discuss with the aviation service that will be hired for filming about expected weather conditions.

After all the basic preparation is done for suitable items like harness for camera operator, safe stowage and mounting of the filming equipment, especially in case of situations like open door shooting. Before the flight takes off, the pilot must approve all the fastenings.

In case a shot of the film demands the removal of aircraft windows or doors check before- hand that the operator has the permission to fly with them off.

Make sure that all the passengers that will be traveling on the aircraft are addressed properly.

On The Location

Before entering any airfield (private/ civil/ military) permission needs to be taken from the relevant controlling body. The only exception can be the spectator’s enclosure while visiting a civil airport or an open day at the military airfield.

Make sure all the crew or contributors for the shooting receive a safety briefing prior to the take off including all the emergency procedures like exiting in an emergency situation or quickly getting out of any harness or restraints.

It is important to understand that the pilot’s decision during the flight shall be final, as deviating from the plan could jeopardize everyone’s safety.

Make sure your crew understands that it is not safe to walk near the propellers, rotors or the engine intake, even when they seem to be switched off.

Approach the take- off or the landing position or cross the air fields only when authorized to do those by the pilot or the ground staff.

When the engine is running, ensure no items or equipment is outside of the aircraft unless a prior agreement is made with the pilot.

Aircraft Specific Considerations

Helicopters are used when the filming shot requires low, slow and around the point of interest shots. Such a type of flying can put the helicopter through an increased risk of ‘LTE’ (Loss of Trail Rotor Effectiveness. Pilots are trained to deal with this and other similar issues, but it is always useful to discuss this concern with the pilot at the planning stage particularly when the filming with pilots who have limited aerial filming experience. However, with or without the discussion, the pilots are always ready for dealing with issues like LTE.

Pilots of aircrafts will basically be classified as private pilots who belong to a club and/ or an organization. They follow strict rules of what activities they can undertake and seek advice from special authorities if any legal consideration comes up.

Aerial Filming or aerial shooting is basically taking photograph from elevated places. This type of filming is not a normal film shooting it is shooting in the air. The aerial filming is capturing the beauty of the film shot from the bird’s eye. Arrow Aircraft is the leading Private Aircraft services in Delhi that provide numerous options to Hire Helicopter for film shooting while helping them to achieve great creativity and innovation. This aviation service provider of aerial filming services helps their clients take their filming projects to new heights with supreme professionalism. Its reputation is based on its integrity that comes with great quality of production within affordable prices.

With aircrafts and helicopters that are ready to create the magic in the film shots, one can expect great advice from one of the finest professionals in the trade of aviation services for film shooting in the air. The large number of experience in this trade helps to provide with an exceptional aerial filming experience.